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We believe floral design is a unique form of art that loses its charm when mass-produced. We embody bespoke floral design and tailor each arrangement to make it truly your own. We strive to elevate your big occasion with a delightful experience.


We bring traditional Asian aesthetics and contemporary styles together to craft one of a kind floral arrangement that’s not commonly seen in the west.


We are fluent in flowers! Each paddle, leave, even twig is treated with the utmost care and thoughtfulness to piece together a unique arrangement. Our designs are packed with well thought out details, subtle yet elegant, simple yet beautiful.

What do we do?

River Floral is a Toronto based floral design studio. 


We provide a wide range of floral arrangement services, including but not limited to wedding, and commercial floral arrangements. We also take on creative projects and collaborate with artists and businesses to actualize their artistic vision. 


River Floral will be hosting a series of floral arrangement masterclasses, stay tuned for limitless floral arrangement possibilities!

Our process


Our service extends far beyond selling and arranging flowers. 


Each floral arrangement comes with a complimentary design sketch to ensure each client’s needs and wants are met. Before each event, our onsite team would arrive early to help you coordinate and set up to ensure flawless execution. We also stick around after each event to help with dismantling and organizing rental items.

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Nanshan Photography

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