Flowers have such a short life span. They start to fade shortly after coming to full bloom. While flourishing flowers are undeniably beautiful, the perishing process can be breathtakingly pretty as well.


In late summer, with the last peonies of the season, their straying petals and soft branches, we set forth a mission to capture the beauty within this vulnerability.


The series was then turned into postcards and given to our guests as a studio opening gift. 

Florist: @riverfloralto

Photographer: @patriiviick

Summer Rhapsody  

With tight deadlines and packed schedules, few get to afford the luxury of indulging themselves with a wholesome Saturday brunch. Imagine a cozy weekend morning laying cozy in bed.


Await you, an abundance of sunshine peeking through the window, gentle breeze sweeping over the veil, a table full of the freshly picked flowers and the citrusy scent of juicy fruits. 

Florist: @riverfloralto

Photographer: @patriiviick

The Principle of  Tea

Some people are intimidated by tea culture, especially by all the rigid rules, jargon and so-called proper ways to drink tea. While some tips might be useful, nobody likes a tea snob, just like nobody likes a coffee or red wine snob.


With our project The Principle of Tea, we want to highlight the fact that anybody can enjoy a nice cup of tea without knowing all the backstories. Drinking tea can be a simple intimate ceremony that allows you to relax, introspect and observe the changing of light and shadow.

Florist: @riverfloralto

Photographer: @patriiviick


Beauty exists within details. While being able to see the big picture matters, it’s equally important to be attentive to small things. Living in a fast-paced world made it easy for us to neglect and take things for granted.


With Elegance, we want to illustrate how small changes can spark joy and make the entire space more elegant. 

Florist: @riverfloralto

Photographer: @patriiviick

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