Say it with flowers......


The common saying ‘say it with flowers’ has been around for a long time, this overview of the symbolic meanings of flowers and their colours will help you communicate the right message.


White flowers symbolise purity, cleanliness, freshness, immaculacy, clarity and simplicity. White also indicates innocence, virginity, perfection, natural love and piety. Suitable for: weddings and funerals.


Yellow flowers symbolise energy, strength, growth, cheerfulness and joy. Yellow also symbolises warmth, the sun and new beginnings. Yellow flowers are also great for the start of spring. Suitable for: birthdays and to congratulate someone.


Orange flowers symbolise cheerfulness, warmth, conviviality, optimism, fun, strength, vitality and energy. Suitable for: birthdays and to congratulate someone.


Red flowers are of course often associated with passion, seduction, romance and tenderness. As such, red flowers are great for giving to a lover.


Pink flowers symbolise innocence, just like white ones, but also romance and tenderness. This is the perfect colour to say ‘I like you’ or ‘You are dear to me’. Suitable for: Mother’s Day and the birth of a daughter.


Purple flowers are primarily used for mourning purposes, but also symbolise dignity and gravity. Suitable for: funerals or condolence bouquets.


Blue flowers divinity and eternity, but also (once again) innocence. Suitable for: the birth of a son.


Green flowers symbolise young, new life and fertility. They also indicate peace, prosperity and hope. Suitable for: the birth of a child.


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